So Why PomPom?

2 April 2007

I’m English.  I live in Australia. 

For those of you who are English or Australian, no further explanation is necessary. 

But for the rest of you I’d better explain that ‘Pom’  is the term used (sometimes with affection, sometimes not!) by Aussies to describe an English person.  Nobody really knows why.  There are many ideas and myths surrounding the word but it’s now been declared non-racist.

And of course PomPom is also a woollen bobble, generally stuck on top of a knitted hat.  My knowledge of cheerleading is extremely limited but apparently PomPom is what they call the stick they wave about with the fluffy ball on top (looking quite a lot like the Sydney Harbour fireworks at the top of this page). 

And why have I started a blog?  I suppose because I’m feeling left out.  There’s a whole community out there that I don’t belong to.  I just read other people’s blogs and wonder how they find the time to work, shop, cook, clean and knit.  And write about it.  I’m now going to find out.  Shopping and cooking I don’t really do – I have a husband who creates gourmet dinners nearly every night of the week – but I have to fit in a least a little cleaning between working and knitting. 

And I’d like somewhere to have a rant occasionally.  A bit like a “Dear Diary” but you can all read it.  And argue with me, if you feel like it.

I admire the blogs of many of my friends and really look forward to reading them.  I’ll do my best to produce something that they’ll all enjoy too but it will probably take me some time to find my feet.   I don’t expect to show the beautiful yarn and knitting that Pamela does. Or the yarn and pattern reviews Meg produces so well. Or the songs of Mary-Helen.  I’ll never be able to rant as well as Lara!    And unlike Kate, I don’t work in a world icon.   But I’ll try to find something interesting to say.

On the knitting front, very little to report and no pictures to show. 

So I’ll leave you with a picture of Chloe.  I promise lots of knitting stuff in the next few days.I’ve 3 items on the needles at the moment and will post photos and info. when I’ve more to show (and I’ve got the hang of this blogging lark).



  1. Hi Sally, lovely post. I look forward to reading more. Why do cats sleep so much? They’re not asleep, they’re are planning world domination.

  2. Hey hey.. it’s up, and it’s pretty! Love the picture of the fireworks. I haven’t seen Chloe for so long that I had quite forgotten about her, butnot anymore. She’s a CUTE cat 🙂

  3. Welcome to the blogging community, Sally. I guarantee you will quickly get the hang of it and I know you’ve always got something interesting to say! I think Chloe is a great Blog cat – very laid back. Looking forward to more posts.

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to your rants, and cat pictures, and possibly even some knitting content 🙂

  5. I really love the look of your blog, Sally. And I’m sure that with your flair for knitwear design you’ll have plenty to say here. 🙂

  6. Howdy Sal’
    God, I’m impressed… and inspired!! Blogging is the new chocolate;I must have some, make one, do some!!! It’s a great blog- cat, fireworks, definitions of colloquialisms and intimations about knitting. Looking forward to more.

  7. Welcome to the Blogosphere 🙂

    I’m very jealous of you with your gourmet-meal cooking husband… I wish!

    Looking forward to seeing your knitting and more, and reading your posts – rant away! 🙂

  8. Knitting and cats – who knew ? A good reason not to go grass karting, i guess 🙂

    Welcome to the bloggosphere – you should definitely be working full time for a new media company 🙂

  9. Great blog Sally,

    Very appropriate for the accountant of one of the best digital agencies around. Keep on blogging, 🙂

    Cutting edge technology and knitting, cool.

  10. Hello, saw you on Pierre the Yarn snob’s blog, so I also will say g’day.

    Hopefully will meet you on saturday.


  11. Well, well, well! My sister claiming to do some cleaning… All I can say is, what a good job she’s such a wonderful knitter. I really look forward to reading about her and the rest of the knitting group. One day, if I visit Oz, I hope to meet you all.

  12. hi! My husband is a Pom too and he says if he ever opens a restaurant he’ll call it “Pom de Terre” ha.

  13. Re: words that make you angry. Not quite in the same category, but get me riled because of their smugness and arrogance. I don’t know if they’re the same in Australia, but have you tried reading the “Personal” ads in the papers? The men always set out what they want: usually a woman 10-20 years younger, for a start. Then they say they like football, rugby and cricket (big turn-on for me, organised sport where you end up dirty); they move on to being “into” “all the usual things”, which means wine (I can’t drink it – hospital job if I do), cinema (can’t stand it (and if Judy Dench is in a film, I’d walk 10 miles on broken glass to avoid it) and going to pubs. Then they describe themselves as “tactile”, as their final killer selling point. Isn’t that spelled “gropey”? Hey, ho… No wonder I knit. Judith

  14. Hi and a belated welcome to the world of knitting blogs.

    I couldn’t help but leave a comment to this post as your Chloe is very much like my Chloe http://knitavenue.blogspot.com/2006/07/kitty-watch.html

    Look forward to the time when you master the art (and have the time too) of loading photos to your site.

  15. Welcome to Blogging! Mine started out with thoughts of “mostly knitting, and a bit about the family.” Three months later, daughter moved back home with a set of 15-month old twin boys!! My evenings as an “empty nester” used to be spent with needles in hand, now I’m on my hands and (old) knees getting the Lego blocks out from under the furniture. It’s turned out more family-oriented, less of knitting, with many USO (Unsewn Objects) waiting for me to have both time and patience! (twins pretty much use up both!) Actually, I’m lucky to find time to write several posts a week. Good luck with your blog – I’ll be looking for more posts!

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