In the Olden Days, When I was Young…..

4 April 2007

I started knitting when I was 5, making a scarf for my father – yellow with a brown fringe.  Yes, it looked as delightful as it sounds.  It had about 6 stitches – garter, stocking, rib, moss stitch, a bit of everything really – with an 8 row cable in the middle, because I thought that looked like an ‘S’ for Sally.  And my father wore it, fastened with a pin because it wasn’t long enough to tie.

I’m very attached to that scarf and show it to anyone who’s polite enough to feign an interest .  And it’s not because I’m showing off and want everyone to think how clever I was – I wasn’t a child prodigy, just a small child with a patient grandmother and an interest in learning this new skill.   

But my father died over 40 years after I knitted his yellow scarf and we found it beautifully wrapped in tissue paper in his sock drawer.  I think you’ll understand that it brought (and can still bring) a tear to my eye. 

Lovely man, my father.  



  1. I remember you pulling the scarf out at the last guild meeting we gate-crashed. Are you going to put a picture up?

  2. I’ve seen your scarf at the BM Knitters Guild – it’s a beautiful story and you are so fortunate that your dad cherished it all those years.

    Last year I was looking thorugh some old stuff at my parents’ place and found the ‘program’ of a school musical in which I had a leading role – my dad has kept it for 30+ years so I’m also blessed to be able to say: “lovely man, my father.”


  3. Lovely story… I’m glad you now have the scarf, too. I have a little cache of cards made by my kids when they were little, a few teeth (baby ones, it’s OK, honest!), and the odd little hand-stitched felt creation. And then there are the knitted bed socks that my daughter made for me last year, when she was 14. Very precious indeed.

  4. I’d like to see the scarf too, having heard the story at SSK. Photos!

  5. Not only was your Dad clearly a wonderful man, he was also organised enough to not lose it after all that time using it (which is what my Dad would ahve done – wear it for ages then lose it, that is. Even though he too is lovely).

    Sent here by M-H, BTW.

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