Stitching ‘N Bitching

10 April 2007

I always thought knitting was a solitary occupation until I came to Sydney.  When I arrived here, I didn’t know anyone (except David and Chloe, of course) so took to my knitting again, with gusto. 

Then I discovered knitting on the internet – patterns, tips, magazines, chat groups, wonderful yarns – a whole host of goodies.   Next came the knitting blogs.  And that lead to meeting REAL PEOPLE.  I went along to a couple of knitting groups and was so surprised by the mix of knitters – all ages and skills.  I was totally inspired by the range of work they were creating, drooled over the yarns, some of which I’d only seen on the internet, and looked at all the wonderful books and magazines that people brought along.  

I made friends.  Knitters are really nice people, aren’t they?



  1. Your one of the nicest!

    Have to really agree with you, I had trouble making friends in Sydney until I found the knitting world online, and now you guy are some of my bestest buds.

  2. I had perfectly good friends, but then I discovered knitting, and all my old friends didn’t want to play with me any more. Thank goodness for other crazy people 🙂

  3. It’s funny how important my group has become to me. I’ve been here 9 years and the knitting group are the best friends I’ve made.

  4. Hey Sally what a great idea a knitting circle is. I’ve had a cool idea – what if I start one here SWF and we can become International!!! When the boys were small I got so obsessed with yarn etc. that I started taking it back to basics and began spinning my own wool. I got totally obsessed with the whole thing of turning the fleece into yarn and then knitting it up. Such satisfaction – deep joy. I also started making felt from fleeces and using natural dyes. I read that in Australia they have back-to-back races where women shear the sheep and don’t stop until they’ve turned it into a child’s jumper. I’d love to do that. I stopped spinning as I went back to work but I do so miss it.

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