Mea Culpa

12 April 2007

I’ve said on my header that these are ‘Confessions’, so I’ve decided to make one.  I know my secret will come out one day as too many people know the truth, so I think the best thing is to come clean.

…………..deep breath.

Last year, I knitted a DISHCLOTH!

Until I discovered knitting on the internet, I didn’t realise that people did such things.  I remember my grandmother knitting her own dishcloths over 40 years ago – thick cotton/string, large needles and garter stitch – presumably because they were the only kind available.

Then I saw whole sites on the Net devoted to the ‘art’ of dishcloth knitting.  Apparently people carefully choose coloured cotton yarn, scour (pun – sorry!) the internet for suitable designs, painstakingly knit the thing then rub it all over their greasy pans. 

We’d discussed this at the knitting group I go to and decided that, each to her/his own, but not for us.  Then Celia, one of our group, got married and I was stuck for an idea for a present.  What do you give the knitter who has everything?  Of course, a dishcloth. Yellow cotton to a pattern on one of the American dishcloth sites. I hope she’s treasuring it as it’s a Sally’s Knitting Kitchen one-off! 


I’m glad I’ve got that off my chest and I promise it will never happen again.



  1. I knit a couple of dishcloths last year when they were all over the blogs, but I don’t have the heart to use them on my dirty dishes!!

  2. hehe, thanks for the laugh, I’ve never knit one myself & I’m sure the girls at my SnB would go into shock if I did but I treasure every knitted item I recieve, nobody knits for a knitter!

  3. Love the logo and comment (‘dishcloths-mopheads-sanitary towels’).

    I, too, cannot get my head round the knitting of dishcloths where not necessary. Hmmmm.

  4. Hi Sally

    That dishcloth has never been near any dishes. It’s too precious! It may, in a pinch, be a face cloth for Alex, but I will make sure it stays clean and bright! 🙂 Thank you!

  5. I knitted one too, and gave it away as a gift. It was quick and the recipient liked it (could have been the expensive soap it was wrapped around!)

    That logo is funny!

  6. I have a lace one made by my dear friend Taphophile,
    and I use it as a face washer in the shower – so much nicer than a plain old face washer! So don’t feel too bad about it – they do have their uses, and they certainly show knitterly love 🙂

  7. (confession) I’ve made quite a few. I just CAN NOT throw yarn bits out, left over from other projects! I cringe at the thought. So I knit them into washcloths and actually use them in the kitchen and bath. If I didn’t do this, we’d be up to our knees in wee orphaned scraps.

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