I’m Not Very Fond Of ….. Part 1

16 April 2007

As children, my sister and I were not allowed to complain about food or say that we didn’t like it.  So despite the fact that the thought of eating tripe made my stomach churn, I dutifully said that I wasn’t very fond of it, not that I hated it, which was much nearer the truth. 

I no longer have to eat food that “I’m not very fond of” so I’ve acquired new aversions – and they’re mainly words.

Words that don’t seem to mean anything: words created by marketing agencies, the media and politicians. 

And the first of these is “lifestyle”.  When did we stop having a life and acquire a lifestyle? 

I heard a company advertising “lifestyle packages” on the radio the other day. These turned out to be retirement homes.

I’ve seen ads. for Lifestyle Management Services, Lifestyle Barbecues, Outdoor Lifestyle Fashions.  I thought the wooden furniture outside my front door was just a garden table and chairs, but it would appear to be an Outdoor Lifestyle Setting. 

Is this a worldwide phenomenon or just a Sydney one?


  1. I remember being at a social event in about 1982in Wellington, New Zealand, and being asked by somone what my ‘lifestyle’ was. I wsa flummoxed – at the time I was being a suburban mum. I muttered something about being ‘low key’. I wonder if that person was very avant garde? Or were you and I rather slow?

  2. It’s alive and well here in Canberra, at least… various real estate billboards loudly proclaim there are ‘New Lifestyle Developments’ coming soon. And it’s not just real estate.

    You might enjoy this web site, which is a good place to have wordy rants : http://www.write-better-english.com/
    It’s run by a couple of nice young men here in Canberra – I’ve written some crosswords, stories & cards for them 🙂

  3. Alive and well in the UK too, I’m afraid. Infuriating and ridiculous.

    And were you also not allowed to love your food? that’s what I remember from my grandmother. (That and not beeing allowed to say yuck, which now I am sometimes cooking for kids I wholeheartedly agree with!)

  4. I’ve got a problem with the word ‘gifted’ and ‘gift’ being used as verbs – I can’t bear it.

    Another good one is the word ‘experience’. Recently, M-H posted about a telephone company wanting to give her a ‘better billing experience’ which cracked me up.

    I’ve got a moisturiser that promises to leave my skin ‘vivified’.

    Oh the list goes on, I look forward to hearing more of your buzzword pet hates.

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