In The Olden Days, When I Was Young . . . Part 2

22 April 2007

100_0605.jpgI was very touched by the comments I received after I told the story of my first attempt at knitting – a scarf for my father when I was 5. 

By request, here is a photograph.  I could say that the quality of the photo isn’t very good (and it isn’t; I’m a new blogger and haven’t quite got the hang of it all yet) but I don’t think David Bailey would be able to turn this into a masterpiece. 

I treasure it because my father treasured it. 



  1. It is a beautiful object, because of who you were when you made it, because your lovely father cherished it, and because it still tells such a powerful story all these years later. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey Sally
    Got needles and pins at your first blog. Your Dad was a fine gentleman – the sort of person I never meet anymore. Witty, polite, gentle, funny and intelligent. He must have treasured your scarf. Something similar happened to me when my dad died – in his desk in a box I found three tiny, yellow satin mice with cotton tails that I made when I was about 6. They were just little balls with eyes coloured on but I realised he must have treasured them for 40 years. Someone threw them away after he died.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog and wishing me a happy birthday. The comments from my knitting friends – known and unknown – make my special day even more special.

  4. Hearing you read this essay on Sticks & String today (I’m going back to the beginning of his podcasts) is what brought me to your blog! No, I’m not going to read your 2 years’ worth of blog posts but I just wanted to see how you started out.

    Greetings from North America.

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