Crossing The Finishing Line

29 April 2007

I don’t think I’m alone in being a knitter who hates sewing up.  I happily knit away all year round and end up with loads of items that could be worn if only I’d sew them together.  Things aren’t too  bad at the moment – I have one cardigan totally sewn up but without buttons, one jacket looking for about 3 hours of sewing, a baby jacket that has been sitting around for over a year (will have to find a new baby for it) and a baby jumper (ditto).

And that’s another reason that all these new knitters should be heartily encouraged.  My generation learnt to knit from our mothers and grandmothers.  We learnt their ways and methods and they’ve stood us in good stead.  But there is a new generation of knitters out there who have learnt a bit from books, from friends, from the internet, and a lot from just playing around with yarn and ideas.

Cardigans no longer consist of a back, two fronts, two sleeves, and button bands, all of which have to be sewn together.  Why didn’t we think of knitting the back and both fronts in one piece as far as the armholes?  I now do that most of the time and have done away with side seams.  I generally now knit the back and the fronts together instead of casting them off – more sewing disposed of.  If the style suits it, I knit the sleeves directly onto the garment – more sewing gone.  I’m not sure why but I haven’t yet tried knitting the sleeves on circular needles, getting rid of the seams, but I’ll give that a go soon.

Garments are knit in the round from the top down (much better for adjusting sizes), and some brave souls even manage steeking, which I’ve never tried as I rather baulk at the idea of taking a pair of scissors to my knitting.  One day, perhaps. 

It’s wonderful what fresh eyes and minds have achieved.


  1. Me too!! This morning I was sewing on buttons & weaving in ends to a baby sweater that was for a baby shower this afternoon!
    I think that’s why I love socks so much…there’s so very little ‘finishing’ to do 🙂

  2. I think I know of a ‘new’ baby that may be on the way.
    I heartily agree with the no-sew sentiments – I’m all for no seam construction. It makes for a bulky garment in the final stages as the whole thing is hanging of the needles but its worth it.

  3. I once designed my own cardigan knit in the round – my mother thought I was crazy! (Guess who taught me to knit?) I also knitted the band as I was knitting the cardigan – that was less successful as the stitches on the smaller needles have a different tension to the stitches on the larger needles (duh!) and some puckering occured! We live and learn!

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