Hobson’s Choice?

2 May 2007

You all know what I think of the use of the word “lifestyle”.   Well, today I came across this item on a menu:

Lifestyle Choice Chicken” . . .  I kid you not!

Now, I didn’t know this chicken and have no idea what lifestyle choices it was able to make but as it ended up in the oven of a Sydney restaurant, I think I’m safe in assuming very few.

Unless of course they’re claiming it committed suicide.


  1. Wouldn’t that make it Emo chicken?

  2. ROFL!!! You are such a good addition to the local blogosphere Sally.

  3. As long as it wasn’t an Alternative Lifestyle Choice Chicken. It’s getting to be hard enough as it is, determining whether a chicken was battery or free-range, without having to question whether the bohemian fowl practised safe sex or used hard drugs.

  4. Maybe it chose to eat too much and became fat enough to be desirable to a chef. WHo knows.. Lifestyle choice chicken indeed! Hrrrmmph!

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