I’m So Good

15 May 2007

I’ve been into three yarn shops in the last three weeks and have bought NO YARN!

Like most avid knitters, I have a big enough stash to be able to open a small yarn shop of my own but I’m trying very hard not to add to it. A group of us meet at Rubi and Lana’s, a wonderful shop in Gordon (North Sydney) which is a terrific temptation but still no yarn (although I have to admit that I succumbed to a pair of Lantern Moon needles). 

Today I went to Lincraft to buy some buttons and normally this wouldn’t be a shop that lures me into large purchases, but they certainly seem to have improved over the last couple of months.  They now stock quite a lot of good quality wool and I saw Cleckheaton’s Vintage Hues for the first time – but I didn’t buy any.

However, there appears to be a downside to Lincraft’s improved stock.  In March I bought some Patons Shadow Tweed and I think I paid $7.55 for it.  Today it is selling at $9.95.  A 31% increase!  I thought they were trying to lure knitters back to them after ignoring us for so long.  So what on earth are they playing at? 

If this is the sort of price increase they’re introducing across their range, at least it solves the problem of my ever-increasing stash.  I didn’t buy anything.


  1. I think you’ll find a similar Patons yarn price rises everywhere – Australian Country Spinners (which includes Patons and Cleckheaton) have had two price rises in recent months and retailers (not just Lincraft) have had no option but to pass these rises on to customers :o(

  2. Ooo! You’re joking! What do they think this is?

    Like you, I have not been buying yarn because my stash is big enough! Prices like this might keep me shopping at good ol’ Bendigo when I do begin buying again!


  3. Oooh I’m jealous of your proximity to the Rubi and Lana’s shop!

    I checked out our local Lincraft yesterday, they certainly have a better range than before. They had Cleckheaton’s bambino merino for $2.75 a ball, which was pretty good… but I resisted, having PLENTY to knit for the next, oh, ten years… 😉

  4. Part of the joy of blogging is you are subject to the odd meme attack. Tip, you have been tagged. It’s only a wee one. Check out my latest blog entry for the rules of engagement. (And you are very, very good. My Stash diet has been totally trashed due to the favourable exchange rate)

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