I Really DO Knit

3 June 2007

But I just don’t seem to find the time to do it AND write about it.  In the last couple of weeks though I’ve sewn up 3 garments as I promised myself I wouldn’t start anything new until my current crop was actually in my wardrobe or on my back.

I’ve also been waiting for an opportunity to take photos but when I eventually found the time, the camera batteries were too low for it to work properly.  (Note to self:  must get better organised AND get my own camera – I’m using David’s).

But I now have off the needles:

1.     A really snuggly warm jacket, courtesy of Patons Shadow Tweed, and knit from a pattern from their Book 1263 (Style 7, if you’re interested).  I think I’m going to live in this one during the winter.

2.     A smaller box jacket, using Bendigo Mystique and my own design, with edgings taken from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting On The Edge.  I quite like this but it isn’t exactly what I had in my head when I started out!

3.     A short-sleeved V-neck sweater (own design, but ‘design’ isn’t really the right word as when I say ‘short-sleeved V-neck sweater’, I’m referring to a bog-standard ‘short-sleeved V-neck sweater’ – hardly a ‘design’).  This is knitted with Filatura Di Crosa Multicolor which I bought in Hong Kong for $5 a ball – and saw in Tapestry Craft for $15.45!!  If I’d realised how much it cost here, I’d have treated it with more respect.  Anyway, enjoyed knitting with it and now have a fairly ordinary (but ‘useful’) addition to my wardrobe.

So I’ve now started a short-sleeved cardigan with Twilley’s Freedom Spirit(I’m not obsessed with short sleeves but don’t have enough yarn for anything longer) and am working on what I believe is called a ‘stash buster’ to try and get rid of all the odds and ends of DK (8 ply) wool I have just taking up space that could be better utilised (with new purchases).  Going to knit it double with two different colours and change only one of the colours every 5th row.  I rather like the effect of that as it creates really gradual striping.  And I’ve already got two scarves on the needles, probably as presents.       

I still haven’t bought any new yarn and even managed to spend only $3.10 at the Tapestry Craft sale!  (Needle gauge, if you’re wondering what on earth one could buy at TC for under $10.)

However, and it’s a big HOWEVER, I’m going to Melbourne for a long weekend in a couple of weeks so just may break my resolve (and if anyone can recommend any must-see yarn shops there, please do let me know).

And to remind everyone, World Knitting in Public Day is Saturday 9th June.  Sydney is celebrating at the Opera House – the cafe at 2pm.  Hope to see loads of you there.

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  1. Just a quick note to let you know I got your email – still having problems getting emails out… I’ll reply properly either monday or tuesday – I’ll be plugged into my connection so can play with the specs. Can’t wait to see those FOs

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