I’m Not Very Fond Of . . . Part 3

9 June 2007

Lazy journalists and sub-editors.  Those who have to describe every situation in terms of popular film and television show titles.

Every child left by herself is described as Home Alone.  Young boys out on a Saturday night doing what young lads all over the world do on a Saturday night are labelled Men Behaving Badly. 

Last week I read in two newspapers and heard (on the ABC News, no less) a group of women described as Desperate Housewives.

And I know that by writing this I’ve left myself open to being called a Grumpy Old Woman.



  1. Oooh I hate that too – especially the ‘Grumpy Old Wo/Men’ label – and the show… The popular media doing it’s best to marginalise ‘older people’ who have opinions and experience and aren’t afraid to voice these views. It worries me that anyone over about 35 is lumped into this catchall.

  2. The one I hate, also, is the device used by travel writers. They get to a border point, say, and describe someone (a foreigner, so we couldn’t possible be expected to remember their name) as looking like Omar Sharif or Eva Braun, or whatever – then refer to them as “Omar” or “Eva” throughout any subsequent exchanges. I haven’t described it very well, but I know what I mean!

  3. I hear you. The ubiquitous reference to everything high quality ‘luxe’ – it’s not even a proper word for feck’s sake!

  4. Then again, neither is ‘feck’ but I don’t get paid to write these comments.

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