A Double Whammy!

10 June 2007

I really intended to go to KIP yesterday but everything conspired against me.  The weather in Sydney (and the rest of New South Wales) was truly dreadful, parts of the State being declared a Disaster Area.  And on top of that, because this is a long weekend, CityRail decided that they would do trackwork on my rail line, so getting to the Opera House was going to be a five-act drama. 

So I did what I always do when things get difficult.  I gave up. 

But all was not in vain as I have friends who also didn’t want to put themselves through this treadmill so we arranged to meet up in a cafe in Gordon, next to Rubi & Lana, the yarn shop where we have our get-togethers.  So thank you Pamela and Candy for the fun company on such a dreadful day. 

I believe 27 people made it to the Opera House though and they really should be congratulated.  You can see pictures here.    And what a wonderful poster Dervy produced.  A big Thank You to her and Kris for all the work involved in organising this and I’m only sorry I wasn’t there to enjoy it.

 Any chance that one year it could be held in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer? 

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