A Dishcloth By Any Other Name

26 June 2007

I think everyone who knows me has now heard of the scarf I knitted for my father when I was 5.  After that I knitted mainly sweaters, cardigans and the occasional pair of gloves and didn’t knit another scarf until about 18 months ago.

Since then I’ve made about 12 I think and have 3 on the needles at the moment as they make such good gifts.  Everyone wears scarves in some form at some time.  Whether large woolly warm ones or silky lacy ones, multicolour or subdued tones.  And they’re a great excuse to buy all those beautiful yarns that are available now but are far too expensive to produce a whole garment.

You also all know my views on knitting dishclothes though a number of people have pointed out that they’re a great way to play around with new stitches.  Well, scarves serve the same purpose for me.  Find a stitch, find a lovely yarn and away you go.  And when it’s finished, you wrap it around your neck for warmth or style.  Or present it to your nearest and dearest.  What you don’t do is rub it all over your dirty dishes.


And since I posted this, I’ve received a general invitation via the Knitting-Australia Yahoo group to join a “dish rag tag”!  If I understand this correctly, there are teams of 6 knitters.  A box containing a knitted dishcloth, two balls of dishcloth cotton and a small treat (chocolate for instance) is sent to the first knitter in each team.  She/he keeps the dishcloth, knits another one with one of the balls of cotton, keeps the second ball of cotton, eats the chocolate (not sure if that’s compulsory), buys two new balls of cotton and a new treat and sends the whole shebang off to the second knitter in the team.   This continues until all members of the team have competed, and the fastest team wins a prize.  They haven’t mentioned what that is and I’ve been racking my brains to think of something appropriate.  Suggestions, please. 

I believe the modern expression is WTF!



  1. err… addi turbos? 🙂

  2. Or as the number plate of a car in my new suburb exclaims..WTF-OMG!

  3. I SO-O-O want that number plate! 🙂

  4. I’m with you – why spend all that time knitting a dishcloth when you can buy perfectly serviceable ones cheaply. I’d rather spend my time knitting pretty things like scarves – I’m currently working on a scarf ‘sampler’ – adding different stitches and the whim takes me!

  5. My personal problem with knitted dishcloths, having received some in swaps years ago when I was into that sort of thing, is that they are disgusting. I can’t understand why they’re so popular in the US.

    Thick, slow to dry and quick to get slimy and stinky from bacteria. I can’t think of anything more foul to use in the kitchen.

    I ended up soaking mine in bleach, which obviously had a detrimental effect on the varigated cotton and then chucking them in the bin. Ugh. And it’s not like I’m even much of a clean freak either.

    At my knitting group we had an exhibition earlier in the year, and every member knitted a dishcloth for display purposes. We pinned them up on the wall like a little rogue’s gallery of swatches, and sold them off with the proceeds going to charity. They looked good, but didn’t sell too well.

    So the prize should be chux. And bleach.

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