Fight The Black Dog (Courtesy of Ginger Nut)

29 June 2007

One of the members of the great group of knitters I belong to recently had to leave her chosen career in Sydney because she suffers from depression. 

She’s young, intelligent, educated and attractive.  She’s a kind and lovely person, and fun to be with.  I’ve no idea why she suffers from depression and I don’t know whether she knows either.  But it’s a sad fact of her life and one that she has to deal with to be able to enjoy the quality of life that she deserves. 

Today, she “came out” on her blog and talks about the way in which knitting has helped her get through this.  She wants to provide a space for others who may want to talk about it as well and so has started the Fight The Black Dog campaign. 

We’ve all thought a lot about her this week as she was subjected to a rather savage and unprovoked attack on another blog.  But it’s indicative of her strength of character that she didn’t run away and hide in the corner.  

So go and see what she has to say, and maybe you have a story you’d like to share with her.   It may help you, and I think it will help her.

Good luck to you, Ginger Nut.  I have a feeling that your new life will start here.   

One comment

  1. As Kamahl is reputed to have said: “why are people so unkind?” I love Ginger Nut’s blog – her reviews are so informative.
    I agree with you – she is kind, intelligent and fun to be with. May all who know her, continue to support her.

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