NSW “Let’s Buy Votes” Day

9 July 2007

Can anyone explain why the NSW Government is seriously intending to give $50 million compensation to the Australian Jockey Club for the use of Randwick Racecourse during World Youth Day (which incidentally lasts longer than a day)?  Trainers, owners, jockeys and bookies will lose a lot of money for the 10 weeks that the racecourse will be out of action for its normal activities.  And they quite rightly want to be compensated for that.  But why is the NSW Government picking up the tab?

The Catholic Church as far as I’m aware is not short of a bob or two and it’s THEIR function so let them pay for it.

I’ve asked around to see what the general view of this is and it seems to fall into two camps – mine, and those who see it as an investment in tourism.  300,000 people are expected to attend this festival and they’ll spend money in Sydney while they’re here.  But that money won’t flow back to the State Government; it will go into the coffers of private enterprise (hotels, restaurants etc). 

I do everything I can to avoid giving any of my hard-earned money to organisations with religious affiliations.  There are loads of charities to choose from so I can always ensure that my donations go to non-religious ones.  I won’t even buy a cup of coffee at Gloria Jean’s.  But I’m being forced to donate about $10 to the Catholic Church (on top of the money taken from me to give to Catholic and other church schools) and I’m furious.

And how does the Government decide which activities being held in Sydney will receive this largesse?  If 300,000 young Muslims gathered here would they be given $50m?  I think all they would get is a thorough ASIO investigation and $50m worth of police presence.  How about Rastafarians, or Buddhists?  Why doesn’t the State subsidise the Sex Fair that’s held every year in the city?  The numbers may be lower but I bet they spend more money here than 300,000 teenagers will.



  1. Sheesh. I don’t buy Sanitarium foods for the same reason… I’m definitely with you on this one!!

  2. Jejune: My blog is now 3 months old and this is the 100th comment I’ve had. Thank you for your interest and support, both on this post and lots of others. I hope we’ll meet one day.

  3. Oooh, I’m 100 – and now 101!

    Very glad to have made your acquaintance – and I’m sure we’ll meet in ‘real life’ one day – no doubt about it 🙂

  4. I must admit – i’m a little confused as to why they need to use the race track – didn’t they build a fairly large olympic stadium for the purpose of large scale events ? And isn’t there a very large park just next door, about 5 times the size of the racetrack… i don’t get it. You never know, maybe some of them will be doctors, and they can get a week’s free accomodation courtesy of the Federal Government up on the Gold Coast – view’s not great, but it’s very secure…

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