I’m So Good . . . Part 2

23 July 2007

I’m still really trying hard not to buy any more yarn and have only slipped a couple of times (a trip to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without a quick look at their shops, would it?)(and I couldn’t come away from the Darling Harbour Show completely empty-handed, could I?). 

I’m working on lots of stash-busting projects at the moment, including the scarf for David I told you about (he chose the yarn, then designed the scarf with Photoshop).  I’ve nearly finished that and it’s pretty close to David’s requirements, I think.  I’ll post a photo and the original design as soon as it’s finished.

But my accumulation of yarn just pales into insignificance compared to some I know of.  And today Lynne points us to pictures of the biggest stash you’ve ever seen.  As one comment she received says, there are yarn shops around with less stock than this

Once upon a time, I bought yarn that I needed for a project so all I had in the house was a few left-overs; really only enough to make dolls’ clothes.  When did I start buying yarn with no project in mind, put it in a cupboard for a year or so then find JUST the garment I wanted to knit?  I can’t remember.  Is it an addiction?  Is rehabilitation available?  As with all addictions though, I don’t suppose any detox programme really works well unless the addict is really determined to beat it. 

And I’m not.  I love it.  I love having an idea for a project, going to my stash, finding just what I’m looking for and starting to knit it, all in the space of an hour. 

I’d be very interested to hear when, and particularly why, your collection of yarn became a hobby in its own right.   


  1. I’m sorry, but I think that to ‘collect’ that much yarn is obscene. I collect yarn that I could reasonably knit. I haven’t got that much, and most of what I do have is the leftovers of previous projects. There are probably only about five skeins that I bought because I liked it and dont’ have a clear idea what to do with it – something will come to me one day!

  2. OMG, I think that stash (it looks like a SHOP) borders on the level of dangerous mental instability – collecting for the sake of HAVING IT. I prefer to buy stuff that I have either projects in mind for, or know I’ll use in the next year or so. Or can’t live without, but those skeins are special and rare 🙂

    My stash is (ok, mostly) contained in one basket and one wooden chest. My precious laceweight lives on a shelf next to my desk, mainly cos I’m scared of mice eating it (we do get mice in the house, it’s not an irrational fear!).

  3. My stash is a pretty poor effort really – I tend to only buy one of each colour I like, so I never have enough for a full garment. I hope one day that I will have a slightly bigger (and more useful) stash, but really, the thing I love most about my modest stash, is having a room full of colour that I can visit and enjoy.

  4. Apparantly the woman who owns that stash knits and gives it away so it’s not just a collection! And, in a way, it’s no different to collecting teaspoons (my sister has hundreds) or koalas (my MIL has hundreds) or cars or bikes (as some men do).

    My “collection” isn’t too big – five drawers of wool that I bought (on sale or on Ebay) in my Kaffe Fassett phase and a laudry basket full of cheap yarns for charity knitting – some of which has been given to me. Wool from Bendigo has always been bought with a project in mind and if not knitted yet, will be one day!

  5. My apologies for the spelling errors in the above comment – I didn’t see them until I pressed the “submit” button and I don’t know how to delete a comment that I’ve posted! LOL

    Apparently, laundry (see I can spell!)

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