If This Is The Answer, What Was The Question?

16 August 2007

In my last post I talked about the new laws introduced to govern the Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.  From the emails I’ve received, I realise that this story has had limited play in the rest of the world so overseas readers weren’t sure what I was talking about.  Sorry! 

Rather than list all the clauses of this new law here (and run the risk of omitting something or getting it wrong), may I suggest you read an article written by David Marr and published in the Sydney Morning Herald last weekend? 

And then get back to me.  As I’d love to hear what non-Australians make of this.



  1. I’m not looking forward to hearing what non Aussies think of this – I suspect they’ll think we’re revolting….

  2. Oh my god.

    Rabbit Proof fence, anyone?

    No, this hasn’t played here (UK) as far as I know. So many issues there – it affetcs anyone *aboriginal* who was in the Territory on the night of 21st June? It doesn’t apply to any non-Aboriginals? how is stopping CDEP meant to help?


  3. …But not in blame exactly – at least, I feel some responsibility as you do, as I am from the UK, who started all this over all those years. What I mean is, I don’t feel ‘you’re revolting’ but that the governments actions are, and the whole idea is.

    What about International Human Rights?

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