Oh, Look! I’ve Found A Few Billion – And Just Before An Election.

21 August 2007

We hear today that Peter Costello, described by the Prime Minister as the greatest Treasurer this country has ever had, finds that his budget calculations weren’t quite right  –  he has an additional budget surplus of $3.7 billion.   Or, rather, we do.  Whether it’s a budget surplus or budget deficit really seems irrelevant. The man is incompetent.  If budgets I produced for my clients were so wildly inaccurate, I’d soon be out of a job, even if they were making more money than I’d forecast. 

And it does raise a number of questions.  Are we paying more tax than predicted?  Or is money not being spent where it should be spent?  I tend to go with the latter.  And in that case, who is suffering? 

lf this is “expert financial management” roll on November (or whenever the election will be called – the sooner the better). 


  1. This morning on radio 702am, people were ringing in sgeestiong how to spend it. “”XXX chool neds a lick of paint’, for instance, or put it back into the state dental program. My suggestion would be to put it into cataract surgery – did you know that if you don’t have medical insurance + $1500 to spend you have to wait until you’re pretty much blind before you can have a cataract operated on? I reckon this must affect a lot of older people – stop them driving, but worse, make it much more likely that they will fall and injure themselves.

  2. I bet it’s money they’ve cut from those ‘unimportant’ areas like hospitals, schools, and the environment, which they’re then going to splash around ‘liberally’ during the election campaign. Bastards.

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