10 September 2007

Pompom declares itself to be the Confessions of an Upside Down Knitter.  And confession is supposed to be good for the soul.  So here goes:

1.  I’ve never knitted a pair of socks (except for bed socks when I was a child).

2.  I’ve seen only one Harry Potter film (and read 2 books).

3.  My mobile phone doesn’t take photographs.

4.  I don’t own an iPod (or any other sort of portable player).

5.  I hate sport, whether watching or participating.

And for the next 4 weeks I won’t be Upside Down.  And I won’t be a Pom. I’m off to England tomorrow so things may be a little quiet around here for a while.  Look forward to catching up when I get back.


  1. Safe trip! Enjoy!

  2. I’ve only seen one Harry Potter movie, and read 2.5 books… I’m pretty anti-sport too, apart from archery 🙂

    Hope you have a really wonderful trip!

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