I’m Home!

18 October 2007

It’s been a month since I last posted and two weeks since I’ve been back in the country.  But with a combination of jetlag, an enormous backlog of work and a problem with WordPress who wouldn’t recognise my password, my silence has been deafening.  Thank you to all of you who emailed to check that I’m OK. 

Knitting in England was limited to THREE Baby Surprise Jackets (I seem to know an awful lot of pregnant women at the moment).  My mother was a little aghast at my colour choices but I assured her that my friends really DO want to dress their babies in orange and red stripes.  Lara would probably have preferred that it also contained a bit of pink and maybe some lime green to just give it that extra oomph but she was too polite to say so when I gave it to her last Saturday. 

While I was away, David seems to have spent a great deal of time with other women.  He took a young girlfriend of mine to a concert where of course he had to bump into someone who knows me, so that is probably now all over town, and he’s been working hard on Maxine McKew’s campaign to take the Sydney seat of Bennelong from John Howard.  The election fight is now on and I’ll be joining him on the front line from this weekend. 

David’s other love (apart from me and Maxine) is 2MBS (“Sydney’s Fine Music Station”).  It’s a community radio station founded 32 years ago – the first FM station in Australia – and he’s a presenter and programmer there.  He’s now started a 2MBS blog  – Off Air – (or rather a series of blogs)  to cover all genre of music that the station plays.  Each blog has a small group of writers and they can be accessed by going to http://blogs.2mbs.com and clicking on Classical, Jazz or Blues/Folk/World.  Go over and say “hello” to him (he writes for the classical blog).   


  1. Welcome back! Did you have any adventures worth reporting? (take our minds off the election, please!)

  2. Yay, you’re home! Good to see you online again 😀

  3. Get her to tell you about the wedding she went to in England.

  4. Welcome home!

  5. The jacket is PERFECT as it is 🙂 Having cute knitwear to dress the little bugger in at least gives me something to look forward to 🙂

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