A Trio of BSJ’s

25 October 2007

What is the collective noun for Baby Surprise Jackets?  I knitted 3 of them during my time in England as they’re easy knitting and I’ve done so many, I think I can make them with my eyes shut.  One for Lara whose little boy is expected in 4 weeks and 2 for a friend in Canada.  The sex of the baby was unknown but last week she had a little girl. 

I really want to get into something a bit more challenging but have promised myself that 1) I won’t start anything else until I’ve finished a couple of small projects I’m working on (a scarf and a baby blanket – I have another friend having a baby within a day or so of Lara’s; again, the sex is unknown) and 2) I won’t buy any yarn until after Christmas at the earliest.   The last few days have been spent knitting a T-shirt, shorts and backpack for a small teddy bear (don’t ask!).  

A Duo of BSJ's Inigo's jacket


  1. Nice work, and great way to use up leftover bits from other projects! Would be great, quick and easy for “charity sweaters,” Dulaan, etc. Thanks for showing me how really special these are.

  2. They’re lovely little tops, I must give that pattern a try one of these days!

  3. Teddy’s outfit was exceptional, and meant he was the pick of the bears on the Gold Coast – after a tough weekend of partying, he (and the outfit) is looking a little worse for wear, but he had fun, and there are lots of interesting phots – a few of which may even be suitable for your blog 🙂

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