To Volunteer, Or Not To Volunteer

7 November 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered to help with Maxine McKew’s campaign to oust John Howard from his Sydney seat of Bennelong, and off we all trotted to the Granny Smith Festival in Eastwood.  (For those of you outside the country, Howard is the Australian Prime Minister).

Maxine’s volunteers ranged in age from 18 to 80 and came from every ethnic background that you could possibly find in Sydney.  Johnnie’s volunteers were mainly white, and aged from 18 to about 25.  I found this rather odd as all the polls show he has practically no support among the under 30’s.

But I’ve now been told by 2 people (neither of them, incidentally, from within the Labor camp) that most of his “volunteers” may be no such thing.  The “word on the street” is that they are mainly students, being paid $15 an hour.

A friend mentioned she found it strange when she saw Malcolm Turnbull surrounded by young flag-waving, T-shirt wearing volunteers as she didn’t think they were the expected demographic to support our Minister for the Environment.  Perhaps he’s up to the same trick.

If any of you out there want to apply for any of this “voluntary work”, please don’t come to me as I have no idea what the application procedure is.  However, if you want to help Maxine as a proper volunteer, contact her office.  Lovely people, purple T-shirt, and a very nice badge.

AND the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something REALLY useful for your country.


  1. God Howard is such a f***wit. Here’s hoping he’ll lose his seat to the divine Ms Maxine!!!

  2. These stories have been circulating for weeks. Shocking if true. Similarly appalling and unfair if baseless rumour. I have been filming up in Bennelong and interviewing volunteers so if anyone out there has indeed been paid for volunteering I’d love to hear from them. Thanks. Mickey (m) 0409 127 686

  3. During the 2004 campaign, it became blindingly obvious that most of the Lib/Nat “volunteers” weren’t kosher. We greens were doing it tough, while the young liberals lazed about drinking beer and eating McDonalds – and not offering to share. I found the whole thing revolting, and indicative of the fact that they are exactly the type of selfish twats that end up running the country if you vote for the coalition.

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