The Longest Day – Part 2

26 November 2007

History in the making

Maxine’s party in Bennelong – and as you can see, it wasn’t exactly a quiet, reflective affair.   Despite the fact that the swing to Maxine was greater than she needed to win the seat, John Howard is still (at the time of writing) refusing to concede it until the postal votes are counted.  You’d think he’d have other things to worry about with his beloved party collapsing around him – and all the housemoving that he has to do this week. 

The only really sad thing to come out of this election for me is that Kerry Nettle didn’t keep her seat in the Senate.  She’s the only Green Senator that NSW has in the Federal Senate, she’s young, intelligent, committed and a hell of a nice person.  Totally unsuited to politics, you may think, but she did a very good job there.   She’ll still be there until next July and I wouldn’t think she’ll be short of some very good offers for her experience and dedication. 


  1. Hopefully she’ll have time for being an auntie before she heads off on an aid mission to Timor or other such nonsense! I can’t see her sitting still for long, and I have never seen her so relaxed and happy than the day after the election.

  2. Great Party! Great Victory! Congratulations on all your hard work – such a sweet victory.

  3. Check this out:http://ampersandduck.blogspot.com/2007/11/heh.html

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