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A Belated Merry Christmas

26 December 2007

CCRKBA Christmas Card

 Perhaps the weirdest Christmas card I’ve come across!  Well, we can all sleep safely in our beds now. Or can we?  I’m not sure I want a gun-toting Father Christmas coming down MY chimney. 

And fortunately, I didn’t get one.  Father Christmas who came to my house brought some really lovely presents (have you ever had a Christmas where every present you opened brought a large smile to your face?). The morning was spent with all our lovely neighbours who have a tradition of getting together for breakfast on Christmas morning, so we gathered from about 10 houses and ate and drank for a couple of hours.  David and I were then going to go for a picnic as we usually do, but the weather was overcast and windy, and I’m recovering from a viral infection that knocked me out over the weekend so we just curled up on the sofa and watched an old video (The Maltese Falcon!), with me of course knitting. 

Then we went round to Mandy’s.  She’s one of my dear friends from the knitting group and she lives with her lovely mother, Anne, round the corner from me.  The clan had gathered there and all of them oozing with talent.  Mandy’s sister is a professional musician, her brother-in-law a famous Australian pianist, and everyone else (except me) could sing beautifully.  Lara turned up with Inigo for his first Christmas, we ate lots of cake and biscuits and a really great time was had by all.  I gave Mandy and her mother a set each of Denise’s wonderful cards, with beautiful paintings of knitting, lace tablecloths and tea cups.   When I knew that most of my family was sitting down to lunch with lots of friends in North Yorkshire (20 for lunch, I think), it was good to be among friends here.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too.


Our Friend

9 December 2007

Last year a friend of mine was very ‘down’.  Her self-esteem was shot to pieces and she told me once that she thought people were only nice to her because they were “‘polite”.

Over the last week or so, she’s had major problems to deal with.  We’ve visited her and phoned her.  The mobile phone networks of Sydney have been placed under considerable pressure as daily (and sometimes, twice daily) bulletins were passed around her friends. 

The problem is no longer.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but if any good has come out of this, maybe it’s that she’s learned that politeness just doesn’t enter into it. 

We care about her.  She’s our friend.


Babies, Babies Everywhere

5 December 2007

All the knitting I’ve been doing for babies over the last few months has now gone to its new owners – three friends have produced 2 boys and a girl.  It’s many years since I’ve known so many pregnant women.

Yesterday I read in the paper that Milla Jovovich, who is apparently an actor and model, has named her baby girl Gabo, which is a combination of Galina (Milla’s mother) and Bogie (her father). 

I am the offspring of Pat (mother) and Chris (father) so thought I should have had a child called Patch.  Although those of you who know me may think that Chat is more appropriate. 

And Lara, you’ve completely blown my cover.  How can I hold my head up in public when you’ve completely shattered my hard bitch, deliberately barren persona, by telling everyone how I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat the first time I met Inigo?  Maybe I’m just going down with a cold?!