Babies, Babies Everywhere

5 December 2007

All the knitting I’ve been doing for babies over the last few months has now gone to its new owners – three friends have produced 2 boys and a girl.  It’s many years since I’ve known so many pregnant women.

Yesterday I read in the paper that Milla Jovovich, who is apparently an actor and model, has named her baby girl Gabo, which is a combination of Galina (Milla’s mother) and Bogie (her father). 

I am the offspring of Pat (mother) and Chris (father) so thought I should have had a child called Patch.  Although those of you who know me may think that Chat is more appropriate. 

And Lara, you’ve completely blown my cover.  How can I hold my head up in public when you’ve completely shattered my hard bitch, deliberately barren persona, by telling everyone how I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat the first time I met Inigo?  Maybe I’m just going down with a cold?! 


  1. Sally! You didn’t! How will we be able to hold up our heads as GOW if you let the side down like this? Pull yourself together, women. 🙂

  2. The latest photo of little Inigo in his Space helmet had me all teary too – you’d have to be an Ultra GOW to get past that all dry eyed. It’s good to hear he’s off the drips now.


  3. I thought I was the ultimate GOW when it came to babies, now look at me!

    I promise I shall retain my cynical and black heart underneath it all though…

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