2007 And All That

1 January 2008

Traditionally this is a day for reflection, so I’ve been pondering my highlights of 2007.

February:  David’s birthday and a wonderful weekend in Gerrungong.  Sailed out in beautiful weather to see the dolphins, and within 20 minutes we were in a thunderstorm.  Rather scary, but very beautiful.

April:  Started my blog after much persuasion from my knitting friends.  I’ve really enjoyed it, I’ve made new friends all over the world and my only regret is that I don’t have more time to devote to it.

Also April:  Easter in Broken Hill – a 13 hour drive each way in an open-topped car. 

July:  The first birthday party I’ve had since I’ve lived in Oz.  Not a special birthday (no 0 or 5 at the end of my age) but it was on a Sunday so a good excuse for a get together.  And my friends certainly made it special.  It was a glorious day. 

September:  Travelled to England for 4 weeks with my family and went to the best wedding I’ve been to for years.  My best friend from school when I was 13 and we lost touch for 38 years!  Shortly after I moved to Oz, she was widowed but she re-married and it was a truly lovely day.  So good to go to a wedding where we’re treated as honoured guests, not just as an audience for the bride and groom’s orgy of indulgence.  And I met up with other people I hadn’t seen since I was 13 as well (the groom, for instance!). 

November:  Election Day – incredibly exhausted after 19 hours on my feet, but so happy to be part of such a history-making event. 

December:  Last night at the Harbour, watching the fireworks.  They’ve become a Sydney icon and it’s good to be part of it.  I’m reminded of them every time I open my blog! 

I’ve realised that most of my highlights involve travelling.  I suppose day-to-day life in Sydney, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn’t provide much in the way of excitement, filled as it is with chores, work etc.  But all in all, it’s been a pretty good year.  Any knitting highlights?  Not really except that I’ve discovered a love for lace knitting and at the moment can’t get enough of it.  That’s the wonderful thing about this hobby – however long you’ve done it, there’s always something new to try and learn.  And any New Year Resolutions?  Definitely not.  

To all my friends, a Very Happy New Year!

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