Broken promises

31 January 2008

I don’t really make New Year Resolutions but I sort of promised myself that I’d blog at least twice a week this year.  The end of January is here and I’ve failed miserably.  But with work and knitting I just haven’t had the time.  And now there’s Ravelry.  I still haven’t got much on there yet.  Another promise that’s gone straight out of the window.  I WILL take lots of photos of finished items and post them to Ravelry and here.

My big love at the moment is lace knitting and knitted lace (And, yes, I’m being pedantic.  For those of you who may not know the difference, that’s your lesson for today.  Research and discuss). 

I always found it difficult to knit lace as it took all my concentration to follow the charts.  I couldn’t watch television or even listen to the radio at the same time.  But now I’ve discovered that if I type the chart into normal knitting language (and in large print), I can knit away happily while watching The Bill.  My brain seems to work best with letters and numbers; I forget symbols and can’t hold them in my head.  So now I’m merrily knitting away and creating a whole wardrobe of lace scarves and stoles.   

For those of you who haven’t read it elsewhere,  I should mention that this Saturday is Opera in the Domain day in Sydney, and this year it’s La Boheme.  A lot of knitters gather from lunch time onwards to picnic, chat, knit or whatever else takes your fancy, and the Opera starts at 8pm.  And it’s free, of course.  It looks as though there’ll be quite a crowd this year so if you live in Sydney and fancy a great day out with some pretty good company, then do come along.  If you want any further information, either go to the Australian Knitters forum on Ravelry or post a comment here and I’ll email you with the details of how to find us.   


  1. I think we’ll all be gathered together under one groundsheet, though… (tipping down just now). Any success with the beach chairs?

  2. Heard that it all went well; the Opera not the knitting – I can only assume that went well too! I was indulging in a week’s R&R [is that Rain and more Rain?] on the south coast so couldn’t be there; hope you had a great time.

    As for lace [knitting and knitted – yes, I do know the difference], I love the look and I love knitting it but would I really wear it? *sigh*

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