What A Bargain!

5 February 2008

David is off to Europe in April for a few weeks to catch up with friends in England, France and Spain.   He’s spent days on the internet finding the best and cheapest flights and thought it would be a great opportunity to use his Frequent Flyer points.  He has nothing like enough of them to fly from here to London, but he thought it would help with the costs of flying round Europe.  We know how difficult it is sometimes to get convenient flights when you’re paying with points so he’s tried to get everything organised as early as possible.

And, yes.  He can use his Qantas points with British Airways and BA flies to Lyons.  AND they can put him on the flight that suited him.  Great.  The return flight from England would cost 71 pounds in taxes plus the points. 

However, using a different British airline, he can fly to Lyons for 52 pounds return.  That’s it.  Including taxes.  No points needed.  Difficult decision, eh?

One comment

  1. Yes, but I’ve been hearing about some difficulties with budget airlines in Europe. They are a bit of a lottery. He’d be safer with Qantas!

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