Ravelry Groups

6 March 2008

Those of you who aren’t members of Ravelry will probably have no idea what I’m talking about here.  Sorry.  I believe there are now 100,000 knitters and crocheters either signed up to it or on the waiting list.

There are groups on Ravelry to cater for the interests of everyone.  There are groups for every religious belief and cult, for whippet owners, a group for women called Sally (and men too, if there are any, I suppose), for people who are adopted, fans of Sherlock Holmes and lovers of African Violets.  And hundreds more. 

Yesterday I came across one for fans of the Moody Blues and that brought back a few memories.  So I made a lot of apparently young women, mainly resident in the USA, very envious by telling them that I went to school with Justin Hayward (Commonweal Grammar School in Swindon).  He was a wonderful guitarist even then and used to play at all the school dances and at our local Youth Club.

I hadn’t realised that a love for the Moody Blues had become cross-generational or even that they were so popular in America.   We are after all talking about 40 years ago! 



  1. ROFL!!! I had no idea anyone under 45 would even have heard of them. I bet they thought you were really oooold… ::ducking and running::

  2. Oooh Moody Blues, *swoon*. And I’m under 45 (just 😉

  3. I have a site dedicated to Justin Hayward. He has a lot of fans who love him and his music very much! 🙂
    How cool that you went to school with him! You should come by my site sometime!

  4. Another link with my Mum – though she went to Headlands in Swindon, not Commonweal!

  5. My husband is still a freak for the Moody Blues, and we well remember them from 40 years ago!

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