Trivia . . . Part 2

8 March 2008

As people have been commenting on Ravelry recently, it’s very easy for Australians to convince those from other countries that it’s dangerous to drive in Sydney because of all the kangaroos, and that our gardens are full of koalas. 

But the one bit of trivia about Australia that is actually true, nobody outside the country will ever believe.  and that is that Australia is the only country in the world with wild camels.  I remember camping out with David in the Central Desert one night and trying to fall asleep with the dreadful sounds of camels doing whatever camels do at night in the privacy of their desert.   They were brought here from Afghanistan when they were the most suitable method of transport across the vast deserts of Australia but when railways were built, the camels were in the main just set free. 

There are now ONE MILLION camels in Australia and apparently they double in population EVERY 8 YEARS! 

I think I now know what exactly those camels stalking our camp site were doing. 


One comment

  1. Loved this – and no, I didn’t know about the camels!!

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