Our Wedding Anniversary

9 March 2008

Our Wedding

Today David and I are celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  As you will see from the photo, this wasn’t your average wedding.  It took place in the garden of our house in Yuendumu in the Northern Territory of Australia, in the Tanami Desert, about 300km north west of Alice Springs.  It was conducted by a great celebrant, Meredith Campbell, who had to do the 600km round trip to officiate. 

Yuendumu is an Aboriginal community of about 1000 people,  It’s dry (ie no alcohol allowed) so we served fruit juice and barbecued sausages!  On the road from Yuendumu to Alice Springs, there is one building – a roadhouse called Tilmouth Well.  About 30 of us drove the hour and a half there.  It’s off ‘dry’  land so alcohol was served, we had a lovely dinner and one of our friends arranged fireworks for us.  And we danced.  All this to the amusement of the truck drivers who are their normal clientele .

Our wedding made the Aboriginal television news service and it was really bizarre to hear it described in Walpiri (the language of the community). 

10 days later I had to go back to England (by myself) as I hadn’t got a residency visa to stay in Australia.   I did another trip back here later in the year and was eventually able to move out here in March 2003, by which time David had moved to Sydney. 



  1. Congratulations on both your unusual wedding and your anniversary. Mwah! Mwah!

  2. Apparently this is your Candy/Iron/Wood Anniversary so congratulations amd may there be many, many more.

  3. Happy anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more 🙂

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