11 March 2008

On Sunday I talked about Yuendumu, the Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory where our wedding took place.  Few people have ever heard of it, but today Yuendumu made the national news in Australia. 

In July, after I don’t know how many years of campaigning, the town is to get a swimming pool.  So a group of young people were taken to Alice Springs – 300km away – to learn life-saving skills.  They were booked into a hostel by the organisation conducting the course, but after half an hour they were all told to leave. 

Apparently the hostel (ironically called The Haven) don’t want Aborigines using their accommodation and they had to find somewhere else to stay. 

In AUSTRALIA, in a town in the middle of THEIR LAND, a group of young people were evicted from a hotel because of the COLOUR OF THEIR SKIN. 

Three weeks after we’ve asked these young people to accept the apology of the Australian Parliament and people for the wrongs committed,  we have now shown them that this has not heralded the new beginning they were perhaps expecting.

 I hope the hostel is boycotted;  I trust it will be prosecuted.     



  1. Yes, this is appalling. And last night on Four Corners we heard young Muslim men, born in Aus, saying that they don’t think of themselves as Australian because they are excluded from mainstream Australian life. It was a very disturbing doco and I can’t get it out of my head. And now it seems that white people are taking their kids out of schools that have Aboriginal or Muslim kids in them and sending them to private schools. I’m not sure the new govt can work the kind of miracles that will fix this mess.

  2. Disturbing, Sally. Your doco, too, M-H.

    I hope the place in AS is indeed boycotted and also prosecuted, too.

  3. Have you an email address for The Haven? I think as many of us as possible should bombard its owners/management with our disgust for their behaviour. And what has the government had to say about it?

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