You Can’t Have One Without The Other

14 March 2008

After I wrote recently about my childfree state, I had a few comments on my blog and a lot of emails, all of which were very supportive.  Thank you.  The abusers obviously decided to keep their mouths shut.

But I must correct one misapprehension.  I didn’t DECIDE not to have children, in the same way that I didn’t decide to be heterosexual.  There was never a time when I sat down and thought “Do I want to have children?”.  However, I did decide to be sterilised.  And it’s a decision I’ve never regretted. 

EXCEPT. . . . .

I’d like to be a grandmother.

I had a terrific relationship with one of my grandmothers (the other one lived a long way from us so we didn’t have a lot of contact).  My sister is a grandmother to two girls, whom she adores, and they adore her.  A friend became a grandmother for the first time yesterday. 

It can be such a good relationship and I think I’d have been a lot better Granny than Mum. 

Perhaps when I’m no longer working full-time I’ll see about becoming a ‘surrogate grandmother’.  I’m sure there’s someone I know who will let me borrow their children for the fun times – the zoo, the cinema, playing games and just hanging out. 

When that time comes, I’ll advertise here!      


One comment

  1. I have 2 grands I’ll let you borrow, twins, under 3 years old. However old you feel right now, I guarantee you’ll feel 10 years older in 2 hours with them!!

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