“I’m Sorry I’m Late – A Bus Got In The Way Of The Train “

19 March 2008

I had a very good reason for being late for work yesterday.

My local railway station found itself with a bus on the rail track.  It was a pretty stunning sight and I was reassured to hear that the bus was empty went it went on its journey down the embankment. 

But two bus journeys and 4 trains later I did eventually get to work.  AND I was believed. 


PS:  DON’T FORGET that all comments until the end of the month go into a draw for TWO prizes  –  one for Australian residents and one for readers from overseas.



  1. I never thought you’d try to get away with that old “there was a bus on the track” scam AGAIN…

  2. Oops! Accidentally pushed “submit” while I was reaching for my coffee.

    You should start getting up earlier – or come up with a different excuse for being late.

  3. It was quite incredible, wasn’t it? And on the same day the Government announced plans for a new light rail! Was it a publicity stunt? LOL

  4. We saw it on the news – man, lucky timing, it could have been SO much worse!!!

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