Sydney Easter Show . . . Part Two

20 March 2008

Well, they seem to have stuffed it up again!

Firstly, the prizes are peanuts.  Last year, Tapestry Craft donated substantial prize money and gift vouchers but apparently they weren’t asked this year.  Huh?  You’ve got a generous sponsor in your pocket and you don’t approach them?

Secondly, the prize ribbons seem to have been scattered every which way.  On Tuesday night, at Preview Night, one woman assumed quite logically that because her work had a First Prize ribbon on it, she’d won First Prize.  An assumption I think we’d all make.  BUT, when the list of winners went up on their website on Wednesday, her name wasn’t there.  The organisers had put the ribbon on the wrong item.  Another had no ribbon on his sweater, but the website told him he’d got a Second Prize.

Thirdly, a number of the items, particularly the lace, has been hung inside out! 

And fourthly, a lot of the knitting has been hung using some sort of fishing wire, which is going to do Heaven only knows what to the finished item.   The sweaters are on plastic coat hangers.

Fortunately, I didn’t enter anything.  And for that I’m feeling a bit guilty.  I’ve decided I’ll definitely do something for next year and encourage all my friends to do the same as these people seem to be stuck in some kind of time-warp and will only get out of it when they pressurred.   They have to change the categories for a start as they don’t take into account modern knitting trends,  And I think it’s about time they looked at their judging criteria.

That said, Congratulations to all those who won.  And to those who didn’t, and perhaps should have!  I’m looking forward to seeing the items “in the flesh”.  In the meantime, if you want to check them out,  Knitabulous has some great photos up here (and she has a bit to say on the subject too!)    

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  1. The whole thing is indeed bizarre!

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