A Day In The Life . . . . Or Is It A Weekend?

24 March 2008

After 5 years in Australia, I’m getting used to the Seasons being the other way round and it’s really of little concern to me whether  the water goes down the plughole clockwise or anti-clockwise (which I THINK has nothing to do with the hemispheres anyway, but I’m not much of a scientist).

But I am a bit confused about the way time is described here.

There’s a renowned sporting event in the calendar of the Northern Territory, called Yuendumu Sports DAY, when Aboriginal people from all over the State gather for a WEEKEND of sporting competitions.  

Then we have Canberra Wool Week, which takes place on a Sunday in May. 

And why is the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine a monthly publication?

So to put that lot together, I find that Day means Weekend, Week means Day, and Weekly means Monthly?  Has it always been like this?

And why?





  1. Very strange indeed….

  2. Perhaps it used to be a weekly publication and when they changed it to become a monthly one, the name stuck. Women’s day is, I think, published weekly. How strange

  3. way back when,” Men’s Men” were the editors and marketing team for womens weekly (which was a weekly magazine) they decided to change it to a monthy publication, and were considering renaming it Women’s Monthly – until (i think) Ita Buttrose pointed out that, in the days when feminine hygiene was not talked about, no one, female or male, would ever buy a magazine called the Women’s Monthly… Hence, they kept the old name…..

  4. I love it!

  5. I’ve been wondering about that for years – or possibly months. Some considerable time, anyway.

  6. Gingernut has the answer. My memory says that this happened around 1970. Although I think there were always woman editors, the company that published it was of course run by men (Kerry Packer actually) and all important decisions had to be approved by them.

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