Yes, You Do Want More Yarn!

25 March 2008

Well, you may be going back to work today, as I am. 

If you were in Sydney this weekend and went along to the Easter Show, you were perhaps disappointed that there was not much on sale there for knitters.  So don’t forget that I’m currently running a small prize draw which may enhance your stash and cheer you up enormously at the end of a 4 day holiday.

All you have to do is leave a comment here, or just say “Hello”.  I have two prizes to be won – the first for readers in Australia and another for overseas readers.   One comment = one chance in the draw. 

Both prizes are knitting related but I’ll try to choose them to match the winners (by reading their blogs, emailing them or whatever it takes!).  I promise that they will be worth at least AU$25 each.

The competition runs until 31st March and I’ll announce the winners on 4th April – the first anniversary of my blog. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Yarn lovers always want more yarn, don’t they?

  2. Hello…

    yarn puh-lease???

  3. Hi! Found you through Emily.

  4. There might not have been much yarn, but there’s a shed full of Llama fleece for spinners at really reasonable prices.

  5. All I have to do is say “Hello?” Too boring. How’s this? Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is now 38 years old. This makes me just past 39?

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