Old Dogs/New Tricks

27 March 2008

Yes, you can teach an old dog (or, in my case, bitch) new tricks:

Red Lace Shawl Yellow Lace Scarfl 6 months ago, after 50+ years of knitting, I’d never knitted a lace scarf/shawl/stole.  Now I can’t stop.

These aren’t perfect and certainly not award-winning, but I’m improving with each one and I’m loving knitting (and wearing) them.

There’ll be loads more of these as I seem to be stockpiling suitable yarns.  I just can’t help myself.

But maybe the next new trick I should learn is photography.  Never been very good at it; never enjoyed it.


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  1. They’re both beautiful, but ah, the red! The work! I’ve done little lacework in many years, and now, I’m afraid the eyes wouldn’t be up to the task (or the brain!) Maybe I’ll try just a little piece.

  2. Very pretty and I’m sure they look wonderful in real life! Congratulations.

  3. I love lace knitting!! Just don’t talk to me as I’m counting!! I love the red one!!

  4. The red one is very beautiful (I’m a red person as well as a green, so that grabs me over the yellow one) and I love seeing them draped in your garden.

    I haven’t got started on anything in the green yet – and I’d like to finish the Honeybee stole first (about 5% done so far) and and and… It’ll percolate! I found myself lying in bed in the night imagining all sorts of knits with my various yarns. i should have written it all down.

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