Clocks, Watches and Hours

29 March 2008

In their wisdom, the Governments of some Australian States have decided NOT to change the clocks tonight but to wait until next weekend.  So we have the ridiculous situation that some parts of this country go into their Winter time tonight and some don’t.  And for a week we’re going to be out of synch with other parts of the world that are also re-adjusting their clocks tonight (the UK, the US?).

Isn’t it about time that this country, which may be extremely large but has only about 20 million residents, started to work in unison across its States?  I didn’t know until this week for instance that a doctor registered in one State has to re-register to work in another State.  And why people should have to be extradited, with the all the work and expense that involves, to face criminal charges in a different Australian State is rather beyond my belief.  And isn’t it about time we had a NATIONAL Driving Licence? 

So DON’T change your clocks tonight if you’re on the Eastern side of Australia!  But DO turn off your lights at 8pm for Earth Hour.  Sydney made international headlines last year by doing this and now it’s been picked up across the globe. Perhaps not the night to get stuck into that intricate piece of black lace you’re knitting!  I think I’ll be sticking to stocking stitch. 



  1. And, of course, there’s one state that doesn’t do daylight saving at all!

    Lucky I can kinda touch type – it’s mighty dark around here!

  2. Here in the US, a few isolated sections of a few states (I’m told) don’t change(?), but all the rest of us went to Daylight Saving Time over the first weekend in March. As for driver’s licenses and the licensing of professionals, that’s all done state to state, also. A doctor or lawyer has to be licences in each state where they practice. For doctors,nurses, etc, it’s probably a formality (apply, pay, receive) but for lawyers, they have to study each state’s different laws and such.
    Have a great day.

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