Why Blog?

30 March 2008

I started a blog because everyone else in my knitting group had one, I read them, enjoyed them and they kept asking when I was going to get one.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the old lady of the group and I suppose I didn’t want to appear ‘fuddy-duddy’.   It’s bad enough having people presume that you can’t use a computer (whereas of course I was practically taught by Babbage).

Some of the blogs I read are knitting only – beautiful pictures of gorgeous garments, sometimes free patterns, tips and reviews of yarns/books.  Love them.  And they’re inspirational.

Others are really diaries and if they’re well written and occasionally humourous I love those too.   

But I think I’ve always wanted to own a newspaper – or at least write the editorials!  I’ve always been a bit self-opinionated and can’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t see things the way I do.   

So mine appears to have evolved into an “If I Ruled The World” sort of blog.  

It’s the nearest I’ll get, I suppose.


PS:  Because I get so many visitors to my site looking for instructions on pompom-making, I’ve added an extra page to point them in the right direction!


  1. Sally, you? Opinionated?

    But I love that you’re being viewed as an authority on pompoms, and that you are taking that responsibility seriously. Quite right, and I’d expect nothing less of you.

  2. Blog on, grrl. You’re one of my top reads these days.

  3. It’s your blog so write what you want to! [to paraphrase a song that’s not so old! LOL]

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading about how you would rule the world. Keep going!!

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