31 March 2008

Wow!  I managed to blog every day in March, as promised.  I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself and have the greatest admiration for those who seem to do this all the time.

Thanks for all your support.  Loads of comments received, which now go into the draw.  You’ve got the rest of the day to add a comment to this post to be included.    Knitting goodies for prizes and I’ll announce the results on Friday 4th which is my first blogiversary. 

I’ve had great fun this month ranting about the things that have really bugged me  –  officious Cityrail employees, the bizarre knitting competition at the Easter Show, racism towards Aboriginal people, ageism, and the funding of ‘private’ education by the State.   I’ve had lovely comments, both on and off the blog.  I’ve had disagreements, yes, but no rudeness, for which I’m grateful.  I spoke about my ‘childfree’ state and received no abuse, which is a first for me!   And I made friends. 

All in all, a happy experience.  One of the highlights I suppose was finding that CNN had put a link to my blog for a few hours, but that’s just my vanity showing! 

Thank you all. 



  1. First to comment on your last post!

    Well done. I just wish I’d had access to read them as they emerged from your fevered brain.

  2. Yay you! I should set myself the same challenge – I seem to have lost my blog voice!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. I’ve done this challenge of a month of blogging 2 or 3 times, and I figure it’s like “sit-ups” for the mind. A bit of exercise! (And also a bit of discipline, to get it done) Congratulations!

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