Closed Draw

1 April 2008

The draw is now closed for the knitting goodies which I promised to give away – one set for a reader in Australia and one for an overseas reader.  And I’ve had over 90 entries, which is wonderful. 

David is going to do the honours for me today by picking the two winners as his honesty is beyond reproach.   I may be tempted to have favourites!

That DOESN’T mean that you can stop leaving comments for me.  It just means that there’s nothing in it for you, except the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making me happy!

I’ll announce the results on Friday.



  1. Meh… it’s not so much fun if there’s no prize. 🙂

  2. Oh goody, now I can comment again 😉

  3. Lara that’s how I feel – but I got a talking-to from Sally about not posting cos I might win something, so I did.

    I’m so obedient.

  4. If we’re going to keep on commenting, then you have to continue speaking your mind!!! It’s been fun!

  5. Beyond reproach!!! Is this the same husband who did 10 years for fixing the national lotteries in four countries? The same one known throughout the English-speaking world as “Dave the Dip”? The one listed on Interpol’s “Most Wanted”? Just give the prizes to me and I’ll see they get to the right people (nudge, nudge).

  6. Anything to make you happy, Sally 😉

  7. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading and commenting!

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