And The Winners Are . . . . .!

4 April 2008

I now have two winners in my March Draw for knitting goodies. 

The first prize, for a reader of my blog who lives in Australia, goes to Lynne.  I met her on the two occasions I attended Knitters Guild meetings in the Blue Mountains and I think she’s been reading my blog since I started it last April.  We often communicate ‘off-blog’ as well and she’s a really lovely person.  Kind, helpful and spends an awful lot of time knitting for charity. 

And the second prize, for an overseas reader, goes to Petunia from the USA (I think Maryland).  She’s also been an avid comment-leaver here and I love reading her blog too.  She works, has husband, daughter and twin 2 year old grandsons at home so how she finds time to knit and blog, I’ve no idea. 

David picked the winners (blind) but I really couldn’t have done better if I’d fiddled it!  Both people I’ve really become friendly with through my blog, which has been a lovely side effect of writing one. 

I’m trying to ensure that the prizes suit the recipients (not easy when you really only know people from their blogs) so it will be a few days before they’ll get into the post.  I’ll email you both for your addresses and will let you know when they’re on their way.

And I promised my sister, Judith, a prize as well as I declared her ineligible to enter the competition; that will be on its way to England next week too.

And today is the first anniversary of Pompom.  Isn’t it fun?


  1. Maybe I’ll win next time…::small sob”::

  2. Hurray! A whole year!

    I wonder when i started mine?

  3. Happy Blogiversary!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! There are many ways to get the blog done around here. One, ignore cooking chores until someone else is hungry and starts dinner. Two, clean house less. Three, take laptop to the loo. Four, compose while at work.

    Have a lovely day, friend.

  5. Happy belated blogiversary! I’ve been so busy working and/or knitting that I haven’t read blogs for almost a week!

    Thank you, David, for drawing out my name – I’ve never won anything in blogland so I’m so excited!

    And thank you, Sally, for the kind comments about me. I, too, treasure our blog-friendship.

    Keep on blogging!

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