Reuniting with Friends. . . Courtesy of Friends Reunited

10 April 2008

I was reminded reading Lien’s blog today that I’ve never told you the lovely story of my experience with Friends Reunited

I went to loads of schools  –  my parents moved a lot  –  and picked up and lost friends on a yearly basis.  I can’t even remember the names of some of my ‘bestest’ friends from my school days, except for one – Suzanne.  We were at school together when I was 13 in 1963 (the same school attended by Justin Hayward that I talked about a few weeks ago), and we were inseparable.  Until my parents upped sticks again and that was the last I saw of her.

In 2001, I heard about Friends Reunited, an English website for tracking school friends.  So I joined with the specific hope of finding Sue.  But she wasn’t there.  About 6 months later, I got an email from her.  She’d just joined, found me and voila!

I was a bit nervous about meeting up with her the first time as I may not like her very much, or she may not like me.  But I loved her.  And she seemed to like me as a couple of years after I moved out to Oz, she came to stay and last year she re-married, so I went to the wedding in England. 

I’ve thought about her often this week because of my previous post about weddings.  Sue’s wedding was the last one I went to and it was wonderful.  Just how I think a wedding should be.  A service that obviously meant a lot to them, old friends and family, delightful hospitality, not a whiff of ostentation.  it was the best wedding I’ve been to for years but because Sue is so incredibly modest, I don’t think she believes me.  And she’ll probably be very embarrassed if she reads this! 

I’m so glad I found her and it was probably a risky thing to do as it could have worked out so differently.  Our lives had gone in completely different directions but she was still the same ‘bestest’ friend I had at school.  Funnily enough I received an email from her this morning so I’ll now go straight off and reply to it so we don’t lose touch for another 38 years.




  1. I’m glad to hear about this! I hated school and couldn’t wait to finish. I already keep in contact with the friends I want to from school so have no real desire to find anyone else!!

  2. That’s great, Sally. I have a friend who I want to contact but I’m not sure she’ll want to talk to me – something I did – so I’m reluctant to pay to join in case it doesn’t pan out!

  3. I’ve had a good experience too – found a cousin with whom I was very close in our teen years. He lives in Sydney now and I’ve met up with him and we intend to get together again.

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