The Continuing Saga of World Youth Day

16 April 2008

Why does the Road Traffic Authority feel it necessary to produce billboards all over this city giving us a countdown to World Youth Day?

Is it:

a)   So that we can all make arrangements to get out of town, or

b)   So that we can ensure our rosaries are polished in time for the festivities?

I particularly like the suggestion of a reader in the Sydney Morning Herald last week that someone should organise a world Atheists Day to be held at Vatican City.  But it was assumed that the Vatican wouldn’t be as generous in their funding of this shindig as the NSW and Federal Government have been with World Youth Day.

Friends and I were discussing whether the Chaser would do an APEC-style stunt while the fun was on in Sydney but it was agreed that they probably couldn’t do anything funnier than the real thing.  The latest announcement, incidentally, is that a few hundred Portaloos are to be brought into service to act as confessionals.  Priest and confessor sharing one Portaloo?  Or two Portaloos side by side with a hole drilled between them?  I await the release of further details on this one.

And, to revert to a post I made a couple of weeks ago, why does World Youth DAY last 6 days?



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  1. Hello PP

    You’re having us on about the Portaloos aren’t you ?:)

    YW Day lasting 6 days – well its well known kids don’t start partying till nearly midnight (so thats 1 day gone) and they are never home on time either:))

    Take care

  2. Hope the Chaser team does something!! Can’t wait..

  3. Blog on. I’m still laughing about the portaloos. What if someone goes into the wrong one? Oh hell, I just remembered, I’m not speaking to you after you were so rude to me on my blog.

  4. Please – keep me informed on the Portaloo configurations, as I’m unlikely to get the story way over/up here! My childhood Catholic upbringing is cringing, my adult side is laughing my a$$ off.

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