Thank You, Mr Postman!

22 April 2008

The winners of my Blogiversary Competition have received their prizes and seem really pleased.  It’s not easy buying gifts for people you only know through their blogs, although I have briefly met Lynne.  But I think I got it about right.

Lynne was sent 50g of Mollydale pure silk (bright pink!), as she mentioned on her blog that she’d never knitted with silk, a Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange (because it’s English, I love them and I presume everyone else does as well!), and a Pompom maker ( just because it seemed appropriate).  All in one of those fancy gift boxes you can buy, but this one had a handle so will make a good receptacle for something or other.  Unfortunately Lynne won’t be knitting for a while as she has shoulder problems but I hope she enjoys the silk when she can eventually use it.

I sent Petunia in the USA a ball of Rubi & Lana 2ply pure wool (because that’s our knitting group, and also she listens to Sticks & String and had heard of the shop from David Reidy), a 50g ball of Kaalund Classic 2 pure wool (because it’s Australian and lovely), a bar of chocolate with raisins soaked in Australian wine (sounded good but I’ve never tried it), and some koala and kangaroo pencils, together with a couple of iron-on Australian flag badges for her 2 year old grandsons who live with her.  Again, all in a fancy gift box.  Petunia has pictures up on her blog but I think she must have eaten the chocolate before she got the camera out!

And they each received one of those wonderful cards that Jejune makes. 

I couldn’t forget my sister, Judith, as she puts loads of comments here but I specifically excluded her from the competition.  So I sent her some Bendigo wool as a “Thank You” and to stop her constant moaning about being discriminated against.

I’m glad everyone seems happy with my choices.  Watch this space this time next year!



  1. A huge thank you [publicly] as I’ve already emailed you privately. Will eventually put a picture on my blog too – such grey days are not good for taking photos.

  2. My wool has arrived and I’m really thrilled with it – terrific colour – now looking for a pattern to do it justice. Thank you very much!

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