1 May 2008

The acronym GOW is bandied around a lot lately  –  Grumpy Old Woman.  I think my blog makes me often sound as though I’m one of those.  And I’m really not THAT grumpy (and I’m not THAT old either) but I am a bit bolshy a little opinionated and get on my high-horse quite easily.  I don’t think that people who know me feel that I’m a constant whinger, but who knows? 

So, to redress the balance a little,  for the next few days I’m going to try to be a HOW!   (H=Happy)

I was thinking about the things that make me particularly happy.  And the main one seems to be when someone does something unexpected, really thoughtful, or “above and beyond”.

I remember commenting on a beautiful sweater that I saw on someone’s blog.  The knitter, in America, asked for my address and posted the pattern to me. 

On another occasion, I was looking for a particular type of jacket and went into a “young person’s” shop in Sydney, complete with blaring music and staff who looked as though they were on day-release from Kindergarten.  But, boy, was I surprised?  They DIDN’T treat me as though I’d just taken the wrong turning.  I received the best service I’ve had for years and although I felt rather guilty that I wasn’t able to buy anything from them, after the time and trouble they’d taken to help me, I came out of there so much happier than when I went in. 

It isn’t that I don’t expect people to be nice to me, or that I don’t think I DESERVE people to be nice to me.  I’m really not that insecure but I suppose there’s an element of surprise that someone would go to so much trouble, just for ME.   

I can’t promise to just highlight happy moments over the next week or so because something might set me off on a rant again.  But I’ll at least try to rant with a smile on my face.



  1. But sometimes, ranting makes us so damn happy that we just have to smaile – or outright laugh.

  2. I remember hearing of an Englishman who was so distressed at constantly reading about “random acts of violence” that he started noting, and encouraging, “random acts of kindness”. He said that such acts are so surprising that they really do make people’s day, which is so true.

  3. It’s amazing how kind some people can be; I guess because we live pretty much surrounded by indifference! I try to practice random acts of kindness but I think they’re too random!

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