4 May 2008

And a good laugh always makes me a HOW too.

Bloggers often comment on the weird “Googles” that have brought people to their sites.  Of course I get a daily dose of variations of Pompom requests (How to make a pompom, wedding pompoms, and one of my all time favourites,  what do newborn pompoms eat!!??) are some of them.  I’ve set up a separate page with pompom making information so that I don’t get too many disappointed visitors.

Last week, someone found this blog because they googled ‘Gow Milla’.  I had to also use Google to find out who or what the hell this is.  I think he’s a singer.  But I’ve no idea how his name led anyone to my site.

But today I got another good one . . . “Extremely large bladders”. 

Ugh??  I’ve never mentioned the word ‘bladder’ on these pages.  And why would anyone be googling such a phrase anyway?  What exactly are they looking for? 

So to all of you who may be rushing to Pompom in their research of extremely large bladders, I’m really sorry.  My knowledge of bladders, large or small, is limited to my own.  And as I’ve never had the opportunity to make comparisons, I’ve no idea whether it’s large, small or just right. 


  1. I’m sniggering.

  2. I chuckled [I’m sure it’s just right!!]

  3. Of course, footballs used to contain bladders; there’s bladderwrack, a type of seaweed; court jesters or fools would wave a stick with a pig’s bladder on the top (always had ’em rolling in the aisles, that one)and I’m surer there are others. So perhaps it was a medieval re-enactment footie fan who likes to sit down into front of the telly with a slice of lava bread…?

  4. … and some knitting…

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