The Continuing Saga of World Youth Day

12 May 2008

Yes, I’m obsessed!  I just find this whole shindig a disgusting waste of public funds and the time of public servants.

As the excitement grows, the papers seem to be running a daily story for our titillation. For instance:

Randwick Race Course, where the masses are to be held, is to be renamed Southern Cross Precinct for the duration of WYD (which lasts six days).   I haven’t heard yet whether the Opera House and the Bridge (two of the sites being used for the Stations of the Cross) are also to be renamed.  Any suggestions?

We were assured by the NSW Government that all pilgrims would be asked to avoid public transport until 10am so that the workers of Sydney could get to work.  The schedule of events has now been announced and, would you believe, they start at 9am?  Tantric flying anyone?

In Toronto, when the last mass was over and the portaloos emptied (the ones being used for their proper purpose, not the confessionals), the sewerage system couldn’t cope and it overflowed into streets and shops.

We’re told that money is going to pour into the State, hence the $86 million investment by the Government.  Then we’re told by the WYD organisers that the visitors will be “cash strapped”.  Most of them are being boarded by families or in schools (at our expense, presumably) and are hardly likely to spend a shit load of money while they’re here.  The hotels in Sydney, who had reserved rooms for the occasion, have found that they have few bookings. The State believes it will have a revenue of $8-10m in GST etc from the visitors.  So if there is going to be a good income from this, it’s going into private sector cafes and restaurants.  I think I may ask the Premier how much money he’s going to invest to increase the income into MY business or my husband’s.  Unfortunately we’re not in the hospitality industry so I think it’s unlikely.

There’s also a benefit for those working in the medical field.  At least one public hospital has offered its staff a paid day off if they work for a day at one of the events.  In other words, they’ll get double time, again at our expense.   

Toronto was left with a bill of $22 million when they hosted WYD. 

I wonder if and when we’ll be told what the TRUE cost of all this is.



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  1. I don’t think they’d get double time – I think it was to allow them to ‘volunteer’ at the event….

  2. The Opera House already looks like a bunch of nuns’ coifs so perhaps it could be the Mother Teresa Gregorian Chant Centre…?

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