A Day is a Day is a . . . . Weekend?

19 May 2008

A few weeks ago I mentioned my confusion at the way time is described in Oz.  Yuendumu Sports Day lasts for a weekend, World Youth Day runs for 6 days and Canberra Wool Week takes place on a Sunday.

Today I read that Farm Day is being celebrated this year on 24th and 25th May!!

I’m still a little confused about this rather vague way of describing time.  I thought a day was a day, the whole world over.  If I were asked if I’m going to World Wide Knitting in Public Day, I wouldn’t think of saying “Is it on all week?”  (And it isn’t by the way – just the one day.)   

WWKIP Day 2008 - Sydney

Next week I become an Australian citizen.  Am I ready yet?


One comment

  1. I was thinking about attending a KIP event at the nearest LYS, about an hour away. Now I’m wondering if I ought to pack a change of clothes and some basic toiletries? 14 June is Flag Day, here in the states, and son#2’s birthday, so I’ll have much to celebrate!!

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